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Jul 26 / Shannon

Week 29 – Sorry for the absence

So the last time I posted was week 23, Eli’s 3rd Birthday week. At his party I completely tore my meniscus and was taken to the ER by ambulance – not the best way to end a party! I had surgery on June 25th, poor Nik has been taking care of all of us ever since. My recovery has been slow but steady. Eli’s face has continued to get worse, sleep is still erratic. Nik hasn’t slept through the night in over a month.

Eli started preschool on July 8th, he loves it! It’s tough because on the nights that he doesn’t sleep he’ll go down around 5:30 -6am. I was really nervous about his peanut allergy and carrying his own EpiPens in his backpack. The bus driver is great as well as the bus assistant, who sits with Eli to make sure there are no accidental run ins with peanuts/peanut proteins.

Jun 11 / Shannon

Week 23 – 3 years old

Eli is going to be 3 on Saturday! I have no idea where the time has gone, it seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home. His face is continuing to get worse and worse, it’s so hard for him to keep from scratching it. Auntie Patty is buying Eli a new sleep suit for his birthday – best gift ever. We would be lost without his suit. So if what we hear is true we are just shy of the halfway mark for Eli’s TSW… it’s best to think of how far we’ve come and not how far we have to go. We had a reaction scare that caused Eli’s eye to swell on Tuesday around 5pm. We are assuming pollen is to blame but are not 100% sure, we gave him Benadryl which brought the swelling down. Eli continues to amaze us every day. We are so lucky that he chose us to be his parents.


Still happy… <3


Eli’s legs have been a weak spot for the past 2 weeks




Eli’s last OT making cookies with Lisa

Jun 5 / Shannon

Week 22 – He slept through the night!

We are all about small victories, Eli slept for 13 hours last night!! He needed it so badly. He has had to use his nebulizer for the past 3 days, the pollen is killing him. He hasn’t needed to use it in 16 months. We were worried about putting steroids into his body but made sure to clean his mouth/nose area after each treatment. It seems to be working thankfully. I can’t believe Eli is going to be 3 next week! Our baby is growing up!

eli 1

Eli & I this morning


eli 2

6/14/11 the day I became a mom


May 30 / Shannon

Week 21 – We didn’t think it could get worse

Seriously, can this kid catch a break please? Eli’s face is red raw with some chapping. It will start to heal and the seep again causing the cycle to start over. We are again so grateful for Eli’s easy nature. He is a strong boy! Unfortunately we are to the point where Eli no longer is comfortable in this car seat so rides in the car are very limited.


May 21 / Shannon

Week 20 – Eli’s face

Eli’s face has had a terrible flare. The worst part is we have no idea if he has picked up new allergies to cause it. The weather is nice, we wan to be outside but Eli’s skin is suffering. We are planning a trip to the Southwick Zoo on Monday, we hope to have a fun/safe trip. Eli loves books and shows about the zoo.



May 15 / Shannon

Week 19 – Scales

Eli was doing really well… until pollen hit. He has been waking up with swollen eyes. His cheeks are very scaly he looks like a lizard, a bath didn’t help. The weather is finally nice enough to be out every day but there are consequences. It is Allergy Awareness week and we are trying to spread the word!

Β click here –Β



May 8 / Shannon

Week 18 – I can’t believe we’ve come this far

18 weeks ago I truly never thought we’d make it this far. Eli has had to endure the worst itching, skin flares and trial and error. He is our trooper, he amazes me every day.



Dada and his boys

May 2 / Shannon

Week 17 – Finally a break!

Eli has slept through the night for 3 consecutive nights!! Last night was just shy of 14 hours! We are hopeful that we have turned a corner, looking at a light at the end of the tunnel. Eli’s skin is looking so much better, his cheek is chapped because of his runny nose but for the most part he looks great. He has been doing very little scratching, we are amazed. We went to see Dr Walsh and she was really impressed with Eli’s skin improvement. She couldn’t believe it when I told her that Eli has an issue with soy, I filled her in on Eli’s new diet. She will see him again in July and hopes that he will be wearing short sleeves! I can’t believe Eli will be 3 in a few weeks!




Cousins night with Jake & Gavin ( Jake is so good about Eli’s allergies, always asking what he can and can’t have πŸ™‚

Apr 23 / Shannon

Week 16 – Who needs sleep?

Eli’s new routine is to go to bed at 8pm and wake up at 12:30am. At this point we just bring him downstairs and put on Leap Frog. He drinks his milk and carries on a conversation like its the middle of the day. He generally stays up until 2:30am and goes back to bed, falling asleep by 3am. The itching has been so bad. Benadryl, Zyrtec and generic allergy meds are no longer having an affect on him. We are at a loss, so for now we are all sleep deprived. On the bright side Eli has started eating new foods! Grilled rice cheese sandwiches, baked ham, turkey and cantaloupe. This may not seem like a big deal to some people but for us it’s huge. He’s never had a big menu but for us to be able to add so many new items this week has been a relief. Eli’s neck is the biggest trouble spot this week.


Bubbles with Kyle & Dada wearing his pj’s so he can’t scratch!

Apr 16 / Shannon

Week 15 – Mark Mincolla

Today I took the boys to see Mark Mincolla in Cohasset. My friend Pam had recommended that we see him, her son Ryan saw results shortly after seeing him. As we were walking into his office he said to me “I bet he has a soy allergy” after some testing, we found that statement to be true. Poor Eli now has to drink Rice milk. We also had to switch him to rice pasta – which is disgusting. It’s so hard to get a picky eater to try new things ( he’s just like his dad! ) Β We are glad to be able to add new foods to his diet. So now we are working toward healing Eli from the inside out, we are hopeful that in the weeks to come we will see results.