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Jul 26 / Shannon

Week 29 – Sorry for the absence

So the last time I posted was week 23, Eli’s 3rd Birthday week. At his party I completely tore my meniscus and was taken to the ER by ambulance – not the best way to end a party! I had surgery on June 25th, poor Nik has been taking care of all of us ever since. My recovery has been slow but steady. Eli’s face has continued to get worse, sleep is still erratic. Nik hasn’t slept through the night in over a month.

Eli started preschool on July 8th, he loves it! It’s tough because on the nights that he doesn’t sleep he’ll go down around 5:30 -6am. I was really nervous about his peanut allergy and carrying his own EpiPens in his backpack. The bus driver is great as well as the bus assistant, who sits with Eli to make sure there are no accidental run ins with peanuts/peanut proteins.

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