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Feb 5 / Shannon

Week 5 – Sleepless nights

I can’t remember the last time Eli slept through the night. We have now moved his toddler bed into our bedroom. He goes down at 8pm and will sleep for about 3-5 hours before waking. The Zyrtec doesn’t seem to be working through the night. Yesterday he woke up with bloody scratches all over his body. It was horrifying to see this when I was getting Eli dressed the next morning. We are looking into getting a bodysuit for him to wear to bed to prevent scratching at night. We just gave Eli a bath and his skin looks horrendous. We just need to make it through today, as with all withdrawal – one day at a Β time.

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Still smiling


A rash has now developed in his diaper area


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  1. Auntie / Feb 5 2014

    πŸ™ Thank god Eli and Kyle have you two for a mom and dad. This makes me so sad to see him like this. Hoping his system will clear soon. Thank you for making this. There are so many others unaware of what can happen. Hugs and kisses to you all. XOXOXO

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