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Jun 11 / Shannon

Week 23 – 3 years old

Eli is going to be 3 on Saturday! I have no idea where the time has gone, it seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home. His face is continuing to get worse and worse, it’s so hard for him to keep from scratching it. Auntie Patty is buying Eli a new sleep suit for his birthday – best gift ever. We would be lost without his suit. So if what we hear is true we are just shy of the halfway mark for Eli’s TSW… it’s best to think of how far we’ve come and not how far we have to go. We had a reaction scare that caused Eli’s eye to swell on Tuesday around 5pm. We are assuming pollen is to blame but are not 100% sure, we gave him Benadryl which brought the swelling down. Eli continues to amaze us every day. We are so lucky that he chose us to be his parents.


Still happy… <3


Eli’s legs have been a weak spot for the past 2 weeks




Eli’s last OT making cookies with Lisa

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